Dance and Arts Organisations in the UK (General)

Arts Council England The national development agency for the arts in England, providing funding for a range of arts activities.
Association for Dance of the African Diaspora - ADAD An organisation which facilitates the development of infrastructure for dance of the African Diaspora in Britain
Dance UK Dance UK is a national voice for dance advocating and lobbying to promote the importance and needs of dance.
Foundation for Community Dance The UK development agency for access, participation and progression in dance for all. A source of information for all aspects of dance within the London area.

Sites of Raqs Sharqi Society Members

Beatrice Dobre RSS associate Beatrice Dobre based in Germany
Fonun RSS associate Anna Rimbotti based in Italy
Juliana Brustik RSS teacher and member Juliana Brustik
Mosa´que RSS teacher and member Lillian Malki based in France
Neju Dance Company

With Juliana Brustik and Nensi Bego


RSS teacher and member Anne Benveniste based in France

Planet Egypt Bellydance website and organisation run by RSS teacher and member Anne White with showcases, DVD seminars and parties.
Raqs Wa Musica A not-for-profit organisation aiming to promote Arabic Dance and Music as an artform in Europe.
Sara Kahan RSS teacher and member Sara Kahan
Tamarisk RSS associate Aliya Burch
Tanzstudio Ala Nar Hamburg RSS teacher and member Sylvianne Capell based in Germany
Taqsim RSS associate Erna Fröhlich based in Germany
Tarab RSS teacher and member Béatrice Grogard based in Belgium and Egypt

Other Egyptian and Middle Eastern Dance Organisations

Mosaic Arabic Dance Network A networking organisation for all forms of Oriental dance at amateur and professional level.
Northern Arabic Dance Association An organisation promoting Arabic and Middle Eastern dance in Scotland and the North of England.

Egyptian and Middle Eastern Music, Culture and History

Arab Musical Instruments  
British Museum The British Museum in London holds a collection of art and antiquities from ancient and living cultures. Free to visitors the museum also hosts a year round programme of events and talks.
Egypt Exploration Society A leading archaeological organisation exploring, surveying, and excavating ancient sites in Egypt and Sudan and publishing their resulting work.
Farid Al-Atrache
Farid Al-Atrache Official Site
Two sites with Information about this famous Egyptian singer.
L'Institut du Monde Arabe A major cultural centre in Paris.
Mohammed Abdel Wahab Information about this famous Egyptian composer.
Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology Near Euston in London, the museum houses an estimated 80,000 objects, making it one of the greatest collections of Egyptian and Sudanese archaeology in the world.
Tutankhamun in London Visit the exhibition at the O2 in London until August 2008
Uum Koulthoum Information about this famous Egyptian singer.