The Raqs Sharqi Society is a not-for-profit association formed in 1997. We teach, perform and study the traditional dance and music arts of Egypt, both rural and urban.

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News & Announcements

Easter Dance Week/Ostertanzwoche
10th Year Anniversary!
18th-24th March 2016
with Sylvianne Capell (RSS) and Erna Froehlich
A residential event in Nindorf/Schleswig Holstein.
Live music from Tim Garside 
Details and booking: elsharq@gmx.de

United Kingdom
Residential Weekend
Moving with Ease and Joy
with Juliana Brustik (HSc) & Judy Hammond (HSc)
8th-10th April 2016
Using the tools of Alexander Technique and the Feldenkrais Method to improve your quality in your everyday movement and refine your movement as a dancer/sports person/ musician and more....
Info and booking: julbrustik@yahoo.co.uk


Summer Dance Week
18th - 22nd July 2016
with Anne Benveniste (HS)
A 5-day residential dance experience in beautiful surroundings at La Belle Cordiere in the Vercors. www.labellecordiere.com 
Booking: tel +33952968239